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There are a couple things we are working on! See below and let us know if you have any suggestions.

USHFA Membership

We have secured a USFHA membership which allows us to participate in their national tournament and have insurance through USFHA. The membership cost was $290 which we will be splitting through eventual (very small) club dues, which we will need to collect when we can secure a home field. 

You can register through GFHA for $10 for a year long local membership to play in any local tournaments. A $10 day pass for USFHA membership may be required for other tournaments as they are not covered under being a “Local Athlete Member”

Our Field

With insurance secured through USFHA, we can formally reserve a consistent field. Brook Run Park is unfortunately not available to be reserved by non-school affiliated groups, so Claire has found Terrell Mill park which we are providing proof of insurance to now. 

Currently lots of irons in the fire. 


Erica is heading up ordering new uniforms for women that do not have them and tops for men. Details being figured out so stand by for more info coming soon!


Upcoming events

We will be on the lookout for other tournaments that are coming up like Pheonix, Boston, Miami, etc. If there are any that are not listed below that we should consider joining, message the group and/or contact the tournament to see if there is space for us! 


USFHA National Tournament

July 30th – August 1st at the VA Beach Regional Training Center

Because the South East Region was approved as a Miami + Atlanta team in 2019 (the last tournament), we will be sending a combined team. 

Cost to enter is $1,000/team – most likely looking to bring around 17 players. 

Teams are being set now, please contact Christine if you are interested in playing. 


30th Anniversary Celebration

Date TBD

This year is GFHA’s 30th Birthday! We will be asking if people are available to travel to Atlanta later this summer to join us for a friendly scrimmage and team celebration.

More details to come.


Atlanta Cup

August 14th – 15th (TBD – waiting on field confirmation)

Now that we have secured insurance we have been contacting facilities like Georgia Tech, Georgia State, etc. Christine and Claire are actively working on this so Alva can run a great Tournament again this year. 

Securing a location for this so we can finalize the date and refs is top priority!